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I have a feeling that my future roommate is going to be odd.

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Lkun Lkun


The latter for moi.

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DanielJames DanielJames

In response to “The latter for moi.

Same for me -_- I wanna change rooms asap

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thiskittyklawz thiskittyklawz OP

In response to “Same for me -_- I wanna change rooms asap

My first roommate did all sorts of crazy shit. He had 4 computers in our tiny room, and he did all sorts of illegal shit (not like pirating, but like hacking things.) He scared me.
He left though, so now I have no roommate! It's so nice

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MasterJ MasterJ

I have a feeling that my future roommate is going to be odd.

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Lkun Lkun

Or you can luck out and not get a room mate!

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cherryblaster cherryblaster

Im afraid :/

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Nigglet Nigglet

I dunno, I get along with my roommate pretty well, but we're not best friends, either. I could be a lot worse off.

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The first time my room mate and I met, she talked about cats for the first hour I was there. Over the next several days( I was at softball camp so i was only there for a week) she proceeded to leave her pad wrappers all over the floor. She also kept moldy strawberries. I was so happy to leave.

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rockrocks15 rockrocks15

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