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Once, long ago, there came the Internet. Soon after, a small community known as MLIA arrived, and attracted many people. Soon, it was corrupted by pre-teen girls and cliches, and small groups broke off, creating places such as FML and TFLN. The elite formed a community called Amirite. To this day, it is a sanctuary of truth and popular opinion. This is their story, amirite?

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FML came way before MLIA. Where do you think they got the idea?

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ToastedStew ToastedStew


I smell movie opening.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

In Amirite, the opinions are represented by two separate important groups: Anthony and the mods, who investigate opinions; and the users, who make the posts. These are their stories.

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OnePenguin OnePenguin

Yet, some of the MLIA people try and infiltrate the Amirite community every so often.

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In response to “Yet, some of the MLIA people try and...

Do they like legit plan it out like they did with MLIT?

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mchalla3 mchalla3

FML came way before MLIA. Where do you think they got the idea?

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ToastedStew ToastedStew

This reminds me greatly of Greg the Bunny.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

In response to “This reminds me greatly of Greg the Bunny.

I despise every aspect of that show. I've never actually seen it, but my name is Greg, and got stuck with the nickname Bunny in highschool because of it.

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where's this from?

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I_Predict_A_Riot I_Predict_A_Riot

In response to “where's this from?

Generic movie trailer

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Here's how my journey to Amirite was:

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Scones Scones

Ill brandish my keyboard whenever Amirite may call me to arms to defend against its foes.

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Jonesy Jonesy

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