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Twitter: I'm peeing right now. Facebook: I just peed. Foursquare: I'm peeing here. StackExchange: What's the best way for me to pee? Quora: Why am I peeing? YouTube: Watch this pee! FML/MLIA: Today, I was peeing... LinkedIn: I pee well. Amirite: A good pee feels awesome, amirite?

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Formspring: I always think of you when I'm peeing... Do you ever think of me? Asked by Anonymous.

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Baconnoisseur Baconnoisseur


Formspring: I always think of you when I'm peeing... Do you ever think of me? Asked by Anonymous.

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Baconnoisseur Baconnoisseur

This was a top tweet a few days ago :)

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GlambertGleek GlambertGleek

In response to “This was a top tweet a few days ago :)

I see, it was? I had a friend who just tweeted it. At least I changed it some though :/

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duckshirt duckshirt OP

In response to “I see, it was? I had a friend who just...

You added amirite and mlia/fml :) I'm not complaining, just pointing it out. It made me laugh :)

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GlambertGleek GlambertGleek

Tfln: Just peed in a beer bottle...

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muffinmonkey muffinmonkey

SixBillionSecrets: From ages 6-11, I peed on myself to get attention because my parents used to verbally abuse me. I haven't told anyone, but I promise to tell someone if this gets posted.

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Twitter: Having ** with polar. #hawt Facebook:Just had with ma boi Polar! Foursquare: Having with polar in Canada. SE: How do you return the pleasure to Polar the best? Quora: Why am I having with polar? Youtube: Watch Polar get naked! FML/MLIA: Today I was having with polar... LinkedIn: I have ** almost as well as Polar. Amirite: You want to bang Polar, amirite?

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polarthebear polarthebear

Linkedin, Recommendations on my pee

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I have read this on here before. Not so original! =/

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In response to “I have read this on here before. Not so...

you sure about that? I don't see it anywhere else... it's true that there was a similar thing on twitter, but that's it

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duckshirt duckshirt OP

In response to “you sure about that? I don't see it anywhere...

Well I have seen it before and I don't have twitter sooo... they must have a point.

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In response to “Well I have seen it before and I don't have...

(FallenSaint.x.): Well he/she said it was on here before, and I did search here and not find it, so she must have been mistaken somehow. I wouldn't be surprised if the twitter guy got it from another site too, but I still made up like half of it...

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duckshirt duckshirt OP


I peed. On the pregnancy test. MOM, UNDERSTAND!

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