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Did someone not get a scholarship?

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its also really dumb to get a full scholarship just for athletics

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Did someone not get a scholarship?

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How come nobody gives scholarships for merit? There are some GREAT people, with GREAT life experiences that would be a wonderful addition to a college, but, they may never afford it or not have really high grades to support it.

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In response to “How come nobody gives scholarships for merit?...

i guess it all depends if it is common to have it.

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getting an athletic scholarship is about the same pain as getting an academic scholarship even though the jocks dont get schooled their passion is for sports its no diff from the people in love with school and have an academic scholarship

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In response to “getting an athletic scholarship is about the...

college is suppost to be for learning, the only reasons colleges want those people is so they can have a good sports teams. pretty shallow if you ask me. it doesnt matter if they go through the same pain, college should not be about sports.

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fuckoffwhore fuckoffwhore

In response to “college is suppost to be for learning, the...

but why do you have to talk about it,some people may not have anything good at except that only sport,maybe thats why they have colleges for them so everyone can have an opportunity and have no excuse to sit on their buts and be lazy.

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In response to “but why do you have to talk about it,some...

why do i have to talk about it? um because i can say whatever i feel like relates to this post in the comment section. and ill beleive that when you can get a scholarship for anything.

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fuckoffwhore fuckoffwhore

Half of the fun of college is tailgating games or post game parties. If your team sucks, then you probably don't know anything about this. If they're good, it turns game days into celebrations where the entire university comes together in excitement. I've never heard of an entire university celebrating because someone got into law school(no disrespect to law students)

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_hannah _hannah

i was stating a fact you missed dont have to be a jerkoff about it this comment section is made for debates

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