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Yeah, bikers are supposed to ride in the street with traffic

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th3don th3don


Bikers aren't allowed to ride on the path. :o But I see what you mean with the joggers. D:

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In response to “Bikers aren't allowed to ride on the path. :o...

Oh I didn't know that. Well now I can be slightly less annoyed by bikers.

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Craig_dontyouknow Craig_dontyouknow OP

In response to “Oh I didn't know that. Well now I can be...

In some places people on bikes can't ride on the path, but where I live they can. It depends on the place.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

Yeah, bikers are supposed to ride in the street with traffic

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th3don th3don

Oh my gosh, I work at a county park (basically a playground and wildlife area mixed) and it's pretty big. There are paths specified for bikers but they INSIST on riding in the middle of the **** street. I'm almost late for work each day because of those bastards. I wish it were legal to hit them.

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pokerface111 pokerface111

As a jogger and a biker, I like to use the road. There's much more room to speed up. And besides why should the old lady with 2 schnauzers block my way..? Food for thought.

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hellostarshine hellostarshine

Bikers only irritate me when I'm driving if instead of going single file they all fan out as a pack. Technically, they are only entitled to 1/3 of the lane, and they deliberately try to make it so you can't pass them.

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nantsingonyama nantsingonyama

I heard that sidewalks were harder on the knees of joggers than asphalt...

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SugarQuill SugarQuill

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