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Nobody :(

Shouldn't this apply to Rage Against the Machine and other bands like them?

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Sarah Sarah

In response to “Shouldn't this apply to Rage Against the...

you beat me to the punch, it's not like weezy was the first to do it. there've been loads of rock bands to incorporate rap, gym class heroes used to do it better than they do now. i think lil wayne may have just been the first to do it the other way around: rap artist to incorporate rock.

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In response to “you beat me to the punch, it's not like weezy...

Hollywood Undead too.

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richierich richierich

no... he should stay in jail because he is a criminal. nuff said

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be open minded! great music is about originality. at least he's not doing the same old shit everyone else does these days.

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lets not forget Run DMC

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Spy_Vs_Spy Spy_Vs_Spy

In response to “lets not forget Run DMC

Run DMC is the best.

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Disparaging Disparaging

I miss him. The only rapper I can relate to. 'Cept for the violence and stuff.

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Lucky_Me Lucky_Me

dont forget linkin park, styles of beyond

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lilobama lilobama

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