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The people highest up have the lowest self esteem, the prettiest people do the ugliest things. amirite?

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Not all pretty people are "ugly"

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i agree with the second part, but not the first part

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “i agree with the second part, but not the...

To GET to the top in anything you usually have to have a ton of confidence. You don't make an Oscar or found Windows by saying "Oh, well, I dunno...Umm...what do you think about this? I'm like, so inept."

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Not always.

Oprah= Prolly has some low self-esteem
Donald Trump= Doubtful

Do agree w/the second part though.

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mchristie mchristie

Myy man Kanyee!

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AntoineDodson AntoineDodson

In response to “Myy man Kanyee!

He is one of the few people that should have lower self-esteem and doesn't.

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mchristie mchristie

They make ugly things pretty...

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Jonesy Jonesy

In response to “They make ugly things pretty...

When I read this I assumed she was talking about bulimia, gossiping, being a ****, etc.

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In response to “When I read this I assumed she was talking...

Oh yeah that'd make sense.

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Jonesy Jonesy

In response to “When I read this I assumed she was talking...

Do only people at "the top" do these things? Of course not.

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*Insecure girl favourites*

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In response to “*Insecure girl favourites*

Wonder where you got that from.

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umamaniqua umamaniqua

In response to “Wonder where you got that from.

Haha someone else usually does this shit, just thought id carry on the good fight ;)

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For the road to riches and diamond rings.

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Shugah Shugah

Not all pretty people are "ugly"

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It's funny how life works... The majority of pretty people aren't the smartest and can be pretty "ugly". And people who are considered ugly are usually the smart ones. There are always exceptions but I guess were all made so that no one is completely perfect.

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Fleeba Fleeba

You better put that shit in quotations

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Not so sure about the first part, the 2nd part yeah.

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SomeEpicName SomeEpicName

Somewhat generalizing, so no

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

In response to “Somewhat generalizing, so no

Only somewhat generalizing?

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In response to “Only //somewhat// generalizing?

Yeah, it's a complete generalization. I was just trying to be soft. Generic, cheesy pearls of "wisdom" usually are.

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

People on amirite are so damn literal like wtf do you do with your lives sit here and pick apart posts all day. I don't understand.

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corbinblanchard1 corbinblanchard1

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