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It's impossible to move one index finger clockwise while moving the other anticlockwise (at the same time), amirite?

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Everyone tried doing this after reading the post, amirite?

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ventus ventus


It wasn't easy, and kind of hurt, but I did it.

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Loser Loser

In response to “It wasn't easy, and kind of hurt, but I did it.

thats what she said.

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Is this just to make hundreds of stupid people try to move their fingers around? I did it and it was not at all hard but it left me thinking "That was a complete waste of my time." Thanks for making me feel like an idiot.

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GnormisOfTheUnliving GnormisOfTheUnliving

is there a certain way we are suppose to do it because i felt like that was way too easy

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stepdom mean counter-clockwise?

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In response to “ mean counter-clockwise?

this is the part where being cultured helps.

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In response to “ mean counter-clockwise?

hmmm... you mean that there might be another word used in the rest of the world?

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

Everyone tried doing this after reading the post, amirite?

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ventus ventus

In response to “Everyone tried doing this after reading the...

Is that Roxas in your profile pic? :)

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In response to “Is that Roxas in your profile pic? :)

It's Ventus from Birth By Sleep, but they look very similar, don't they?

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ventus ventus

i'm confused... that was way too easy... And now I look like a fool.

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acisseJ acisseJ


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I think what the OP meant was that it's difficult to point your index fingers at each other and move them in circles so that they do not mirror each other, if that makes any sense. They just worded it oddly.

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pamplemousse94 pamplemousse94

In response to “I think what the OP meant was that it's...

but I could do it that way. . .

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528491 528491

Ok. I think he's pulling a sexual hand gesture joke on us guys.

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JustBeingMary JustBeingMary

In response to “Ok. I think he's pulling a sexual hand...

'he'? err i'm a she

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blaque_aussie OP

In response to “'he'? err i'm a she

sorry. she.

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JustBeingMary JustBeingMary

It's an index finger an the SAME ankle (foot)

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"anticlockwise." snaps for originality. I think I will use this word now.

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frozensocks frozensocks

In response to “"anticlockwise." snaps for...

I hate clockwise!!!... is the connotation I got from this word.

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Shadi Shadi

In response to “"anticlockwise." snaps for...

Anticlockwise is a word, guys. It's synonymous with counterclockwise. There's nothing wrong with it.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “"anticlockwise." snaps for...

anticlockwise was used before counterclockwise, and Americans are the only ones who say counterclockwise.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

In response to “anticlockwise was used before...

Because of all the incidents of riots after people went crazy screaming "I don't have any aunty named clockwise" and tore up the streets. It sunk Atlantis. True story.

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GnormisOfTheUnliving GnormisOfTheUnliving

WAIT WAIT WAIT! so americans don't say "anticlockwise"

boy they are so different

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what the **** i've been trying to do this for years and I've never been able to do it! Now all of a sudden 250+ people can do it? Quite honestly, I think you guys are doing it wrong, but that's just me

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rapemasterflex rapemasterflex

Well I mean, my left index finger doesn't actually have enough dexterity to move in a circle, so I guess you could say it's impossible...

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wait wait wait.. Are you facing your index fingers at each other? I did it but it took so long and only for 3 seconds. So to those people who say it's easy.. Then you're doing it wrong. I'm from australia so we say anti instead of counter..

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blaque_aussie OP

I can do it with both pointing forward, and both fingers pointing each other. Unless there's another way, NW.

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swimlax swimlax

What are you talking about? It's sooooooooooooooooooo easy

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what_up what_up

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