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Snape didn’t just hate Neville for being bad at Potions – Snape’s particular hatred for Neville was because if Voldemort had decided Neville was the Chosen One and gone after him, Lily would still be alive, amirite?

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OH. MY. GOD. It makes perfect sense now :o

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Ariodante Ariodante



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Travis Travis

In response to “MLIA.

TV Tropes.

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Simon OP

In response to “TV Tropes.


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Travis Travis

In response to “wat

You're assumption that I got a Harry Potter speculation that has been floating around the Internet since the 7th book was realised from MLIA is incorrect - however, I am acknowledging the website I heard it from.

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Simon OP


In response to “*Your


Damn, it's usually the other way around that I get it wrong.

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Simon OP

In response to “:P Damn, it's usually the other way around...

First time for everything.

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Never thought of it that way before

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caleb caleb

OH. MY. GOD. It makes perfect sense now :o

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Ariodante Ariodante

that was beautiful.

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QuaintPancakes QuaintPancakes

I love posts about Neville Longbottom.They always make my day.

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theonlystrangeone theonlystrangeone

In response to “Mliafag go away

Go away yourself you son of a Snitch!

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theonlystrangeone theonlystrangeone

In response to “Go away yourself you son of a Snitch!

Kill yourself.

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afternooner afternooner

In response to “Kill yourself.

Silly Muggle!

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theonlystrangeone theonlystrangeone

In response to “Kill yourself.

If he/she does, they could blame it on you and you could get in a lot of a lot of trouble court wise.

Suicide these days. **** can't stand up for themselves.

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Disparaging Disparaging

Made my day, because I'd never even thought of that... epic(:

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In response to “Fag


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Simon OP

In response to “Bag


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theonlystrangeone theonlystrangeone

Actually, Snape never heard the part about Neville, Dumbledore kicked him out before it got to that.

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In response to “Actually, Snape never heard the part about...

I was so excited by this revelation before you made me remember...Good job (y)

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open_mind_open_soul open_mind_open_soul

In response to “Actually, Snape never heard the part about...

Oh, I forgot about that.

I feel silly now :(

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Simon OP

In response to “Oh, I forgot about that. I feel silly now :(

@1174946 (Simon): Surely, Dumbledore would have told Snape about his mistake.

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reddead reddead

In response to “Actually, Snape never heard the part about...

Um, the part about Neville was that the baby was born late july to OotP parents. Snape heard that part and so Voldemort went for Harry. What Snape missed was the part about the kid having "power the Dark Lord knows not" and that "one cannot live while the other survives."

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saturnlite88 saturnlite88

just because stuff is harry potter related doesn't mean it's automatically MLIA

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I never realized that :O it makes so much more sense, now!

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i_love_you_and_tacos i_love_you_and_tacos

This is brilliant :O Just shows how deep I am :P

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Maca Maca

Neville Longbottom and the Philosopher's/Sorceror's Stone...
Not the same ring to it somehow.

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EmmaJ EmmaJ


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That's not it... Snape didn't even know that the prophecy referred to the Potters until Voldemort said he was off to attack them, so unless Dumbledore told him, there's no reason Snape would know that Neville also fit the bill.
Don't get me wrong, Snape's an amazing character, but he's not a great guy. Sometimes he was just mean to be mean. He was constantly patronized throughout his childhood and adolescence, and as a teacher, he could really just be a bully.

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i don't get it

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In response to “i don't get it

Well since you're obviously waiting for the last movie, let me spoil it for you: Snape loved Lilly, Harry's mom. Snape told voldemort about the prophesy when he was death eater and Voldemort went to kill Harry, leading to Lilly's death. Snape hated Voldemort after that and became a double agent, working for Dumbledore (killing him on his orders). But the Prophesy never named Harry. Neville could have fit also, but Voldemort didn't think it would be him because Harry was a half blood like himself.

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saturnlite88 saturnlite88

Whoa. I never thought of that but it all makes sense now!! JK Rowling is a genius. Genius isn't even strong enough of a word to describe her....

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