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Every house has that one drawer with random junk in it, amirite?

every room***

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Katffro Katffro

In response to “every room***

I was gonna say that! :D It's so true.

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Idling_Rocket_Ship Idling_Rocket_Ship

And every year the mom makes a desperate attempt to actually clean it and sort through all the stuff. Why do they even try?

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We have a "mets-ça-là" (pronounced may-saw-law), which translate to "put-that-there".

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Stwentytwo Stwentytwo

We call ours "my room."

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Aimz Aimz

Psh, we have like 5 of those in our kitchen alone.

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open_mind_open_soul open_mind_open_soul

I have one drawer that contains receipts, DVDs, hair products, and travel books.

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WoahElle WoahElle

I just counted, we have a total of 11 drawers with no purpose other than to throw stuff in them . Hurrah .

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coastal coastal OP

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