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"You hipsters are all the same with the long hair and the tattoo of a chinese symbol on your wrist. Why don't you go check out the Asian kid in the library with the bowl haircut and thick rimmed glasses studying to be a doctor and missing every party? He's the one that really doesn't care what you think." -Dr House. I think he is right, amirite?

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I was studying to become a doctor before studying to become a doctor was cool.

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LonelyIsland LonelyIsland


Adding this to my wall-o-quotes. Thanks!

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Tallglassofwater Tallglassofwater

what episode is this from?

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corduroy_and_lace corduroy_and_lace

In response to “what episode is this from?

yeah seriously, what episode is this from?????? Got to be one of the most epic House quotes I've heard in a while.

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SquarepantsPotter SquarepantsPotter

In response to “yeah seriously, what episode is this...

He as hiring new people to work there, and some hipster there tries to apply, and house humours him lol

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thatguys thatguys OP

I was studying to become a doctor before studying to become a doctor was cool.

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LonelyIsland LonelyIsland

What episode is this?

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Guys, it's from season 1, "Kids." The one with the meningitis outbreak at the diving competition.

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FantineLovett418 FantineLovett418

In response to “no. you're wrong.

Season 1, Episode 19, "Kids." I do believe that's the quote.

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FantineLovett418 FantineLovett418

In response to “ Sea...

touche..... well im an ****

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In response to “touche..... well im an ****

Don't feel like an ****. I just know my House MD.

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FantineLovett418 FantineLovett418

"Nonconformity - right. I can't remember the last time saw a twenty-something kid with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his wrist. You are one wicked free thinker! You want to be a rebel? Stop being cool. Wear a pocket protector like he does, and get a hair cut like the Asian kids that don't leave the library for twenty hour stretches. They're the ones who don't care what you think" <- the actual quote if anyone is curious

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