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You'd think Harry Potter would have at least some psychological problems after 11 years of neglect. amirite?

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That's the point of the series. Poor boy, he thinks he's a wizard. (no)

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That's the point of the series. Poor boy, he thinks he's a wizard. (no)

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In response to “That's the point of the series. Poor boy, he...

Holy crap could you imagine the shit storm JK Rowling would get from her fans if DH ended like "11 year-old Harry awoke in the cupboard under the stairs to Aunt Petunia screaming 'Harry! The bacon is burning!' He walked into the kitchen and said, 'You won't believe the dream I had! I was a wizard and I knew magic!' Uncle Vernon gave him a stern look and yelled "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC, BOY! NOW GET ME MY BACON!' All was not well."

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In response to “Holy crap could you imagine the shit storm JK...

Nah, I don't even think it's a dream. Harry's just completely bonkers. For example, I can imagine him sitting in their house being like "LOL DUDLEY YOU'RE A PIG :D" and everyone else being like ".........well that's true."

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In response to “That's the point of the series. Poor boy, he...

he is also frequently found in the company of gingers. that poor, confused boy.

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QueenofModesty QueenofModesty

In response to “he is also frequently found in the company of...

If only. He's so desperate that his mind imagines gingers for friends, but even those will likely never be a reality. (no)

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In response to “If only. He's so desperate that his mind...

yikes. he can't even befriend gingers.

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QueenofModesty QueenofModesty

Well he is a bit of attention seeker in his hogwarts days.

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In response to “Well he is a bit of attention seeker in his...

You're just mad you aren't the Chosen One, Ron, you git.

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DanielJames DanielJames

well he gets really angry

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Nightmares, always feeling as if he is all alone and has to deal with stuff by himself. But yeah, I'd expect a bit more.

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I've always wondered that. Like how is he a nice person? If it were me I wouldn't turn out that well.

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Hallucinations of being a wizard

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MachoCheez MachoCheez

In response to “Hallucinations of being a wizard

I think that's already been said but thanks for your contribution

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Actually it wasn’t 11 years, he has lived with his parents before they died, but I’ll forgive you.

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In response to “Actually it wasn’t 11 years, he has...

Yeah, he was a little over a year old when they died. But I figured I'd get flamed by the less-than-knowledgable if I said 10

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Ariodante Ariodante OP

Dude, he's like that because he's Harry FREAKING Potter. it doesn't matter that he was living in a cupboard for most of his childhood. HE'S THE CHOSEN ONE.... DUH!!!!

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