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  • Featured on the home page on May 9th 2011
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Boomerangs are Australia's largest exports and imports, amirite?

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Some sad news from Australia btw,

The inventor of the boomerang grenade died today.

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StealthApple StealthApple


what other coutry makes the bomarangs that we import them from? honestly i would love to know

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In response to “what other coutry makes the bomarangs that we...

I cant tell whether you're kidding or if I misunderstand this post so I'll go anonymous. But I think the joke is that boomerangs are renowned for coming back after you throw them so the idea is that when you export them they come back and fdoindgasgdfbhaf i'm bored of explaining now

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In response to “It's a joke -_-

POTD atmosphere = killed

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Ross Ross

In response to “what other coutry makes the bomarangs that we...

This is how economics works:
1) Throw boomerang
2) Wait for it to return
3) ????

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polarthebear polarthebear

In response to “ This is...

I think you skipped a step there boss, throwing a boomerang != money made. Maybe if you sold it and somehow the boomerang loved you enough, like Woody or Buzz and found it's way home, then you might make some profit.

Although that might be the ????? step, although if it was, you should include it before 2 too.

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “what other coutry makes the bomarangs that we...

99.7% of the world's boomerangs are made by this guy named P. Sherman who lives at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

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DanielJames DanielJames

In response to “99.7% of the world's boomerangs are made by...

The rest are made in Hyrule.

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Julian Julian

In response to “what other coutry makes the bomarangs that we...

Not very many thumbs up for first comment on POTD

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Jesus_Christ Jesus_Christ

Unless Link gets ahold of it, then you guys are never getting it back.

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saturnlite88 saturnlite88

I remember homepaging this... Fitting, to see it come back as Post of the Day. (smirk)

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Julian Julian

But they're Australia's smallest USB ports...

I'm sorry for that terrible joke.

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Shadi Shadi

In response to “But they're Australia's smallest USB...

(Chauncy Pickles): You should be.

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Sarah Sarah OP

In response to “(Chauncy Pickles): You should be.

"I don't... wanna be..."
- Gavin DeGraw

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Shadi Shadi

Some sad news from Australia btw,

The inventor of the boomerang grenade died today.

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StealthApple StealthApple

In response to “Some sad news from Australia btw, The...

I should probably get some sleep ... It took me over a minute to understand that it was a joke. (ono)

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Lol, i love it.

its about time we get a witty post of the day again.

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They usually send it over sea... that's probably why most of Australia is under sea.

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MasonLN MasonLN

Omg stop commenting on this all of you go away.

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Sarah Sarah OP

I guess you can say that....
(puts on glasses)
I don't know...

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If you don't get it, just reread it a few times and wait a few minutes:)

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In response to “Haha If you don't get it, just reread it a...

It'll come to you sooner or later.

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Did you hear about the U.S' Social Security Boomerang? People throw their cash out to the government and get back... oh wait.

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ilostmyshoe ilostmyshoe

just read this in demetri martin's book. i laughed again.

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I hear they're making a comeback in the toy industry.

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There should just be a "Demetri Martin Joke" category for posts

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In response to “There should just be a "Demetri Martin...

I dont even really know who he is besides the fact that apparently he is a comedic genius who has thought up every joke in the entire world before anyone else.

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Sarah Sarah OP

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