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We all have ways of saying things like "brother and sister," "mom and dad," and "peanut butter and jelly." But when you switch it around and say "sister and brother," "dad and mom," and "jelly and peanut butter," it just doesn't seem right... amirite?

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Josh and drake

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Blucatt Blucatt


I do this all the time for fun. I started when I first noticed my friend always said his numbers like that. "I'll be there in 15 to 10 minutes," "do you want 3 or 2 slices?" etc.

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In response to “I do this all the time for fun. I started...

hahah yah, it just seems so odd! lol

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apeprillmarie apeprillmarie OP

In response to “I do this all the time for fun. I started...

I love that.

I'm definitely going to be doing this.

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acisseJ acisseJ

I like to eat, eat, eat, bananas and apples...

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TheVibeAlchemist TheVibeAlchemist

Yeah, there are several pairs of best friends at my school that I do that to in my head. Like, they're so inseparable that I see them as one unit, but in all cases it's always one of them that comes first.

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In response to “Yeah, there are several pairs of best friends...

Yeah, it's like with Mary Kate and Ashley. Ashley and Mary Kate would seem wrong. I do that with siblings in my family.

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

Josh and drake

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Blucatt Blucatt

I'm going to make myself a cheese and ham sandwich.

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_creative_username_ _creative_username_

'Dad and mom' isn't terrible, but they're all pretty (angry) inducing.

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Emperorerror Emperorerror

Chong & Cheech

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I less or more agree with this post.

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