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insachel insachel

Your question makes no sense. There are more plain numbers than numbers with seven. Even if infinite.

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SmartSpoon SmartSpoon

Are mentally gay? Because you just blew my mind

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what. can you pleeeeeaaassse scale this down to a fourth grade level? k thanks!

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goodtime goodtime

I get it but it doesn't exactly work...

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KirstenAnn KirstenAnn

What are plain numbers?

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Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

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KirstenAnn KirstenAnn

I read the first sentence and was like jOHN GREEN IS THAT YOU

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jraaey jraaey

By plain numbers I assume you mean all the natural numbers, if you don't, sorry that this doesn't make sense :(
While you can certainly argue that there are more natural numbers then there are numbers with 7 in them, technically they are the same size of infinity because the sets have the same cardinality. That is there exists a function that is a one to one mapping between the two sets.
Ah math how I love thee :)

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choir_addict choir_addict

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