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I hate when girls ask me if I like the top or the bottom better. I DON'T HAVE A BUNKBED! amirite?

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Umm dood you're such an idiot... they're obviously talking about muffins, ****.

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KickAss KickAss


Umm dood you're such an idiot... they're obviously talking about muffins, ****.

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “Umm dood you're such an idiot... they're...

Whatchu got against cupcakes bro!?

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In response to “Whatchu got against cupcakes bro!?

I can't say I have anything against cupcakes, BRO. I just believe muffins are a more filling and healthful choice.

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KickAss KickAss

Personally, I like the top ;)

I mean, its so crunchy! The bottom is all dry and bleh

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Fabs Fabs

Reminds me of that one movie Big.

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gene gene

In response to “Reminds me of that one movie Big.

with tom hanks? i love that movie!

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In response to “with tom hanks? i love that movie!

That's the one! :D

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gene gene

In response to “Reminds me of that one movie Big.

how so?
I never watched it.

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “how so? I never watched it.

Well it's about this boy who wishes he was bigger and he wakes up as an adult the next day and so he starts this adult life but he's still a kid so there comes a part when he gets a girlfriend and she comes over and then he realizes she wants to "spend the night", but he just interprets it as a regular sleepover and then tells her that he calls top, when actually referring to his bunk bed.

The end.

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gene gene

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