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Good looking people can get away with everything, amirite?

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So can a purple zebra

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Dwight Dwight


How would you know, ugly?

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So can a purple zebra

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Dwight Dwight

So can a ninja. Wait this isn't MLIA.

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Hectic_Glow Hectic_Glow

In response to “So can a ninja. Wait this isn't MLIA.

Mind. Blown.

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Big_Boss Big_Boss

*Except in the real world*

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KickAss KickAss

This x9001. Good looking people will be offered the most chances and oppurtunities. I did a project on it, and studies show that good looking people have higher salaries and such. And not to mention, they can embarass themselves in front of members of the opposite **** with no consequences.

I am jelly :/

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Big_Boss Big_Boss

In response to “This x9001. Good looking people will be...

Neither of those things have anything to do with getting away with something.

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In response to “Neither of those things have anything to do...

Getting away with embarassing yourself in front of members of the opposite ****=getting away with something.

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Big_Boss Big_Boss

In response to “This x9001. Good looking people will be...

Getting more opportunities=/= getting away with something

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No, I'm pretty sure if a good-looking person murdered someone they wouldn't get away with it. Unless they weren't caught of course, but that's nothing to do with looks.

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All of the ugly people voted no way

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In response to “All of the ugly people voted no way

I assumed it was mostly good-looking people.

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"yes, i murdered your entire family and burned down your house, but you HAVE to let me go. I'm BEAUTIFUL"

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Serg Serg

anyone remember debra lafave?

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Get off of your pity train. Pretty people also tend to be smarter. And blahblahblah. Who gives a fruit? The only thing that matters is your character, cos everyone ends up ugly when they get old.

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DictatorCourtney DictatorCourtney

hot stalker=flattering
ugly stalker=creeper! must get restraining order!

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katiee katiee

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