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Hey black people, it's pronounced "ask," not "ax", amirite?

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Hey white people, it's pronounced "how are you doing" not "er... how y'all **** doing".

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Hey white people, it's pronounced "how are you doing" not "er... how y'all **** doing".

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In response to “Hey white people, it's pronounced "how...

Racist but funny comment is racist but funny.

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RileyTheBear RileyTheBear

In response to “Racist but funny comment is racist but funny.

Forced joke is forced

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RileyTheBear RileyTheBear

In response to “Forced joke is forced

Creepy talking to self is creepy.

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Palindromes_Are_Fun Palindromes_Are_Fun

In response to “Hey white people, it's pronounced "how...

Mwahahahaha =)

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Shugah Shugah

Why yes, you most certainly can ASK me a question any time you want to. But you may never AXE me anything. Ever.

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underwaterunicorn underwaterunicorn

It's not just black people, idiot.

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In response to “It's not just black people, idiot.

Asians included, sadly.

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I'm black and I pronounce it "ask".... And a lot of my white friends say "axe" too.....

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Idling_Rocket_Ship Idling_Rocket_Ship

Isn't it "axe"?

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Just Sayin'.

"Axe me a qustion, I dare you."

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****, you ain't axin' nobody nothin'! This ain't Medieval Times!

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

I am now going to rage about how it is not just black people.

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ThisChick ThisChick

Well, I'm black, and when I say 'ask' it usually comes out sounding like, '****.'

It makes for some interesting conversations.
"Hey, do you mind if I **** your mom something?"
"No, stop assing me!"

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Well, that depends what word you are referring to. If you're referring to the word "axe", I beg to differ.

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Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

White rednecks do it too!

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Inu_chan Inu_chan

Hey trailer trash, it's ______ not ______!

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jeeeerso jeeeerso

Y'all axin me to change the way I done speak?! Well I ain't never gonna so y'all go and stop axin me to, ya hear?

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Hey anonymous, it's not just black people who do it.

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PurpleMonkeys PurpleMonkeys

In response to “Hey anonymous, it's not just black people who...

You're right. I should have addressed it to black people plus white people trying to act black.

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Anonymous OP

In response to “You're right. I should have addressed it to...

Hahaha yup. Or at least that's how it is where I live.

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PurpleMonkeys PurpleMonkeys

Dont be stooooopid they speak good at everyting

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HopeImrite HopeImrite

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