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You forgive Canada a little bit for giving us Justin Bieber because they also gave us Three Days Grace, amirite?

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It's odd how Americans always mention the bad artists/bands that have come from Canada, but tend to ignore the tons of bad artists/bands that have come from their country.

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For the most part they're good, but some of their songs are questionable in sexuality. Pain, Animal I have become, etc.

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And canadian bacon

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cheshire_cat cheshire_cat

In response to “And canadian bacon

Real bacon owns Canadian bacon.

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In response to “Real bacon owns Canadian bacon.

That is true. Nothing is better then real bacon

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cheshire_cat cheshire_cat

Also Rush and Barenaked Ladies.

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Cpt_McMuffin Cpt_McMuffin

In response to “Also Rush and Barenaked Ladies.

Rush more than makes up for it.

Though, Nickelback..

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Suzywao Suzywao

In response to “Rush more than makes up for it. Though...

I don't think Nickelback is THAT bad. They're generic, they're certainly not great, and I'm not really a huge fan, but they're not THAT bad.

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Cpt_McMuffin Cpt_McMuffin

In response to “I don't think Nickelback is THAT bad...

I'm just being silly, I don't think they're all that terrible. Just mediocre. I don't really care about Bieber either though.

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Suzywao Suzywao

It's odd how Americans always mention the bad artists/bands that have come from Canada, but tend to ignore the tons of bad artists/bands that have come from their country.

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Also because I'm not an **** that won't "forgive" a country for allowing its citizens to move if they so choose to.

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No. However, I will greatly thank them for giving us Beyond Creation, First Fragment, Kataklysm, and Cryptopsy. Not to mention poutine, rappie pie, and Hilary.

I like Canada.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

They gave us Michael J. Fox!

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Starkiller731 Starkiller731

Or, y'know, Arcade Fire, The New Pornographers, and Broken Social Scene.

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Courage_Wolf Courage_Wolf

And Billy Talent! ^.^

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ImNotGretchen ImNotGretchen

And Drake:)

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Also insulin.

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Marianas Trench

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Mtrenchie Mtrenchie

Down With Webster <3

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Devin Townsend! <3

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zoegoesrawr zoegoesrawr

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