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Who keeps buying these Kidz Bop CDs? amirite?

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Hahaha ive heard it two places in my life: my relatives house in UK playing for a little kid, and a little kids store.

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Ashvio Ashvio

Over protective moms.

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crazyllamas crazyllamas

John Wayne Gacy's ghost.

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Ed_ Ed_

In response to “John Wayne Gacy's ghost.

:O that guy is seriously disturbing.

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528491 528491

White parents

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adam adam

The creators of the cd. Just so they don't feel like their life is a waste.

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Serg Serg

Grandparents who don't know what to get their grandkids as gifts. Poor guys. We should just tell them to get us candy.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

In response to “Grandparents who don't know what to get their...

My grandparents did that for me when I was little! It sucked.

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In response to “My grandparents did that for me when I was...

My sister got one for Christmas once when we were little, but that's because we didn't know the songs were actually sung by little kids.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

YYA - 280
NW - 0


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My gym teacher...

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Sun Sun

Whoever disagrees with this post probably has the whole set but they don't want to NW it because then every one will know. xD

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Sunnysideup Sunnysideup

One of my teachers said that she buys them so her kids (2-6 years old) can listen to popular songs without the all the cursing..

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ktbain ktbain

The CD is just a cleaner versions of the songs that are popular at the time. Plus most little kids (which are who the CDs are made for) don't mind that its not the real artist singing. Would you rather they listen to all the swear words? Plus if you don't like it don't listen to it. Simple as that.

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Of course one person just had to disagree

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