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With Google owning Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Chrome, and Blogger, they basically control almost all aspect of the Internet. That's pretty scary, amirite?

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Google owns Google Maps and Google Docs? Since when was this?!

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it's true they probably own a larger portion of the internet than anybody else. but they're not really close to owning all the internet. it's too big.

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DaAce96 DaAce96

In response to “it's true they probably own a larger portion...

I didn't mean own, I meant control. If there are multiple email services, like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and aol, but 60% of the population uses gmail, then they have the most control over that aspect of the Internet.

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lonely_jew lonely_jew OP

If Google owned Facebook, it would be unstoppable.

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mNmL0ver14 mNmL0ver14

In response to “Google+

but no one uses Google + yet since it's still in it's beta form. Facebook is everywhere and popular right now.

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mNmL0ver14 mNmL0ver14

In response to “but no one uses Google + yet since it's still...

Someone's behind the times

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Comrade Comrade


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Ridge Ridge

Google owns Google Maps and Google Docs? Since when was this?!

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And now there's even Google Plus, which is supposed to be competing with Facebook.

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LittleRed LittleRed

All they need to do is buy amirite and a **** site and I would never regularly visit a website that is non-Google

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Tallglassofwater Tallglassofwater

google docs is shit. g+ is shit. google chrome is shit. youtube has gone downhill a bit. they should honestly stick to what they are good at

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name name

And the search engine... Also Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.

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Nahh... Google doesn't own the important stuff yet-
Amirite, memebase, ****, facebook, or stumbleupon.

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Who the **** cares about blogger?

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