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It's raining, amirite?

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No, it's actually pretty sun... I need to turn on my volume don't I?

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DandyLion DandyLion


It's actually thundering/raining where I am right now, so this sounds really weird

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LovelyGreen LovelyGreen

In response to “It's actually thundering/raining where I am...

Same here. I also fall asleep to this particular rain track, so the longer I stay on amirite, the sleepier I get.

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Retooser Retooser

Oh my god I thought that was only happening on my computer and I was getting really freaked out

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flippers flippers

HEY. Why didn't mine get on the homepage?

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In response to “HEY. Why didn't mine get on the homepage?

Shut up according to your profile you make the homepage 33% of the time so you have no right to complain.

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Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

Thank god. I thought I was going insane.

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No, it's quite peaceful.

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No, it's actually pretty sun... I need to turn on my volume don't I?

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DandyLion DandyLion

So I was sitting here listening to Black Sabbath on YouTube and then I hear some thunder and rain and was like, "wtf? Is it playing Slayer instead?" Then I thought it was an advertisement that I couldn't see and I looked through all of my tabs. Then I closed amirite and saw that's what it was. I like it.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “So I was sitting here listening to Black...

Is that what it is? Pretty much the same thing for me but I was listening to Juke Box Hero by Foreigner, and it was right during the first line, "Standin' in the rain." Perfect.

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MarblezoneEyes MarblezoneEyes

This post would look phenomenal on a xxx.

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Great. Now I have to pee.

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Supper4dinner Supper4dinner

Somewhere in Brazil and or England.

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LovelyMetalhead LovelyMetalhead

I don't understand why this is happening.

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MetalMilitia715 MetalMilitia715

I live in Texas, so Amirite's rain is only tricking me into thinking there's water in this state.

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In response to “I live in Texas, so Amirite's rain is only...

I live in south texas and it actually has been raining :)
Freaking Dom was such a tease tho :/

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In response to “I live in south texas and it actually has...

I am so jealous. The most rain we've had is a tiny bit for about five minutes once a month. All it does it make everything hotter and more humid.

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I just thought it was static.

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I'm on mobile. Is this about more Ant-ics?

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This is so relaxing. I could listen to it all day :]

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BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare

Ok so I'm the only one that heard "its raining.. Men, hallelujah!" and the rest of the song...

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Not in Arizona. ):

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ShakinBacon ShakinBacon

A thunderstorm just blew in where I live. YYA online and irl.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

I got really freaked out when I heard it, but I turned my volume off an that was fine.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

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