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Raywilliamjohnson's Equals 3 is a crappier version of Tosh.0, amirite?

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i thought rwj was there before tosh and that tosh.0 was the ripoff

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Someone finally said it!

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Shadi Shadi

In response to “Someone finally said it!

People have been saying this for a while...

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shorkian shorkian

It's possible to make a version of Tosh.O that's even worse than the original? Wow.

-5611 Reply

BiteMe BiteMe

i thought rwj was there before tosh and that tosh.0 was the ripoff

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I always thought Tosh was a ripoff of web soup which was a ripoff of RWJ, anyways Tosh is only better because he doesn't write all his own jokes.

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99Dilemmas 99Dilemmas

In response to “I always thought Tosh was a ripoff of web...

Web Soup was a spinoff of The Soup.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915

I'm not saying it isn't crappier, but RWJ was there first.

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ClaireTheBozo ClaireTheBozo

You mean the other way around.

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LovelyMetalhead LovelyMetalhead

I prefer to think of Tosh.0 as the superior version of =3, but I still agree that =3 is pretty crappy.

=3 used to be funny, though. A lot of the jokes were original as far as I could tell, and even the running jokes were pretty funny.

Ray is basically the Seth Macfarlane of Youtube. His humour used to be great and unique, but as he became more popular, he became less funny. Not to mention more predictable.

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Fitzkrieg Fitzkrieg

In response to “I prefer to think of Tosh.0 as the superior...

I used to watch hum, before he got popular, and he was really funny. Then, he just turned to shit.
Apparently he's number 1 on YT now? I don't know how. :S

+44 Reply

Erin Erin

In response to “agreed. I used to watch hum, before he got...

Yes, RayWilliamJohnson is currently the #1 most subscribed on Youtube; 4,375,000 subscribers and counting. I'm sure that once you have 1 million subscribers, it's easy to constantly get more if you upload on a regular basis. All you need are those million views to be on the home page, then thousands of more users discover your videos per upload.

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Fitzkrieg Fitzkrieg

In response to “Yes, RayWilliamJohnson is currently the #1...

Unfortunately, no one cares about content anymore.

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Erin Erin

I hate them both equally.

-55 Reply

Axolotl Axolotl

They're both crap.

-44 Reply

zoophilia zoophilia

Raywilliamjohnson is a gigantic, un-original toolbox and Tosh.0 just isn't funny.

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I've never seen Tosh.0, but I REALLY don't like Raywilliamjohnson. I've tried watching his videos several times to try to see why his channel is the most subscribed channel on all of youtube, but I can't make it more than a minute into any of his videos, even the most viewed ones, before getting bored. I don't find him funny at all, which is saying something since I laugh really easily. Personally, I believe he uses a combination of hypnotism and blackmail to get all his subscribers.

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Dirait_on Dirait_on

Ray for z win! (peace out)

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