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A NASCAR driver calling themselves an athlete for driving a car is like me calling myself a chef for using a microwave, amirite?

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Well, you could be Chef Boyardee..

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Sexy Sexy


Although driving in a circle doesn't seem like it would be hard, you 'd have to have some talent to be good at it. All that said, NASCAR is the most ridiculous sport ever. I can't see how it would be exciting for the drivers or spectators.

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In response to “Although driving in a circle doesn't seem...

Yeah, I don't think I could drive like they drive, but my definition of an athlete doesn't include people who drive cars for a living.

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grovemck OP

In response to “Yeah, I don't think I could drive like they...

Athlete (n): A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

I'm not the biggest fan of motor sport, but since it is a sport the participants are considered athletes.

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In response to “Athlete (n): A person who is proficient in...

Lol at the random (n) That was meant to be ( n ) for noun.

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Well, you could be Chef Boyardee..

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Sexy Sexy

Bad comparison

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MonkeyBubbleWrap MonkeyBubbleWrap

In response to “Bad comparison

The car is moving for you, and the microwave is working for you.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

Oh but they are so sweaty and G forces and GET ME ANOTHER BUCKET OF CHICKEN WOMAN they're good drivers and they're totally athletes and if you don't think so I'll stick this here gun up your ****!

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Ram27 Ram27

I can drive faster and turn lefter than you can!

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I actually went to a NASCAR race once. It's really not just cars driving around in circles, half the race is spent on "pause" (the cars don't move/are in the pitstop) because of some accident. Although, it's kinda awesome to see the cars crash into each other.

Protip: If you ever do go to a NASCAR race, bring a pillow or something to sit on because the bleachers are metal and they hurt to sit on. Also the food is really expensive.

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Mario Mario

I'm not a fan of NASCAR, but I gotta respect the drivers. They're in extremely hot cars for several hours. That has to be taxing on the body. They also have to have insanely fast reactions. I mean, they're going 200 mph on the straights and not all that much slower on the turns. Could you handle a car going that fast?

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ThatDylanGuy ThatDylanGuy

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