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There's always that one friend in your group who's late to EVERYTHING. amirite?

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Hmmmm...wonder who this is about.

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scderby scderby

Mostly her period.

+771 Reply

midnightcookies midnightcookies

Maybe you just came too early

+44 Reply

OnePenguin OnePenguin

In response to “Maybe you just came too early

this should be in response to the comment above yours.

+33 Reply


I'm that friend

+11 Reply

DarthJader DarthJader

In response to “I'm that friend

We don't like you.

+33 Reply

Your friends

In response to “We don't like you.

That's understandable...

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DarthJader DarthJader

And that friend would be me. -_-

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

I was 30 minutes late to my own going away party and some people had to leave so I never got to see them before I left :(

Cool story bro.

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Galileo Galileo

I hate it when people are late, so I'm always a few minutes early for everything, and my best friend is the exact opposite.

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AnnDeeva AnnDeeva

I have to admit, I am the one who is always late.

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mymugglelife mymugglelife

That would be me...

Except to band. I don't want to risk it at band. So then my other friend becomes the late one.

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i_love_you_and_tacos i_love_you_and_tacos

Definitely me.

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MaryKateBurnett MaryKateBurnett

I HATE that friend. I don't make plans with them anymore. If they wanna tag along with me and some other people, fine. But I won't make plans with just them. I have better things to do if I wanted to waste my time.

+11 Reply

Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

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