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Very few people are actually as weird as they think they are, amirite?

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I hate it when people call themselves weird or random..seriously it pisses me off :/

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ImTheRealShady ImTheRealShady


I hate it when people call themselves weird or random..seriously it pisses me off :/

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ImTheRealShady ImTheRealShady

I'm probably weirder than I think I am, which says a lot.

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In response to “I'm probably weirder than I think I am, which...

You're probably exactly the kind of person this post is talking about

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Dismantlement Dismantlement

In response to “You're probably exactly the kind of person...

Not at all actually. I don't think I'm "cool" for being weird.

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I really hate it when the stupid girls in my class will fill an album on facebook of 1000 photos, all of the same girl
Making the same face
Posing with the same object
In the mirror
With a cell phone camera
Making the description "lol im sooo random haha <3"
and all the comments are unrelated
They all say "aww babe ur so pretty"
Or "lol haha i miss uuuu"
Or just "<3"
I **** HATE IT

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colette colette

In response to “I really hate it when the stupid girls in my...

Me too. All my freshman year, this guy called me "random". Once I snapped and said "No, I'm NOT. I make relevant contributions to the conversation. Just because they're confusing to you, or because maybe I do things uncommonly does NOT make me 'random'."

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Neverwhere Neverwhere

People who think they are weird are almost always normal but as annoying as the dickens. People who think they are normal actually are normal half the time, and the other half are as **** as a three dollar bill. Golly, I wish people would stop getting so caught up in themselves saying how unique and different and weird and all that crap they are. It's like, just stop. Nobody cares about you.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

*Disclamer: I'm really tired. So if this makes no sense... sorry.
I think I'm really as weird as I think I am..
My friend once introduced me to this guy at lunch who she didn't hate. In our next class together I said he seemed "Weird" for lack of better word. Two people near us overheard, looked at eachother, and laughed.
True, we did make a point to be as weird as possible in that class for fun.

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