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Greek gods must've had some seriously tiny **** according to those sculptures and paintings of them, amirite?

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Hey, those aren't tiny ****, they're actually pretty big ones.

Right guys?

... guys?

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also, it'd be kind of weird if they had some monstrous 20 ft **** on them..a little distracting if you ask me.

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livesmilelove livesmilelove

In response to “also, it'd be kind of weird if they had some...

I personally expected that yknow since they're gods and all... :$

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TeddyBearsAreAlive TeddyBearsAreAlive OP

In response to “I personally expected that yknow since...

The gods were in to some kinky sh*t. I'm pretty sure there's a story of Zeus turning into a swan or something and having **** with a woman (human). The statues are probably to distract us.

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Hey, those aren't tiny ****, they're actually pretty big ones.

Right guys?

... guys?

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In response to “Hey, those aren't tiny ****, they're actually...


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In response to “Hey, those aren't tiny ****, they're actually...

No way they're totally small mine is hug hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (angry)

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Never judge a flacid ****

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adam adam

Those gods didn't make their own sculptures and paintings, their people did.
er.. amirite?

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Miisteria Miisteria

In response to “Those gods didn't make their own sculptures...

That might have something to do with the fact that the gods didn't exist.
Still, I thought the humans would have made the gods look really manly.

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They thought small was better than large, the same way tan skin used to be undesirable because it meant you didn't have enough slaves to farm your crops for you. told me.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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