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I think I'd just grab a knife and slice it to make a sandwich/toast and move on.

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melindalou melindalou


I think I'd just grab a knife and slice it to make a sandwich/toast and move on.

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melindalou melindalou

In response to “I think I'd just grab a knife and slice it to...

Me too but I think there would be a lot of idiots just staring blankly at a loaf of bread.

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WideAwake WideAwake

It's actually rather hard to cut bread (evenly at least), luckily most stores when selling uncut bread will slice it for you free of charge. There's this jalepeno cheddar bread I buy constantly that is never sold in pre-cut form so I always ask to get it sliced.

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soberlikekesha soberlikekesha

In response to “It's actually rather hard to cut bread...

Slicing bread without a bread knife is actually very difficult, I agree. You end up smushing the bread if the knife isn't serrated enough.

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melindalou melindalou

You have never bought bread freshly from the baker, have you?

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swiss_girl swiss_girl

Whenever I cut bread it gets smashed, crumb filled, really uneven and it doesnt look very appetizing.

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Pretary OP

Once I went to a restaurant where the bread was just served in a loaf and you had to cut it yourself. It was awesome, because I could take what would have been two slices but still say I'd only had one.

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

I just don't know how people lived before July 7, 1928.

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John_Smith John_Smith

That's why people will say something is the best idea since sliced bread. It was a great idea.

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