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Child with low self esteem: "Mom, am I ugly?"

Parent that always says yes to everything: "Why, yes, honey."

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theycallmereema theycallmereema


there's an episode about this on fairly oddparents and timmy ends up regretting his wish because his parents dont seem to care about him anymore. food for thought :)

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “there's an episode about this on fairly...

I was going to say that

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o cool

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Anonymous OP

Child with low self esteem: "Mom, am I ugly?"

Parent that always says yes to everything: "Why, yes, honey."

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theycallmereema theycallmereema

I would have grown up an idiot :I

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Fatty Fatty

Nah, I used to but now I realize that if they allowed me to do everything I want, not everything I want to do is safe or smart XD

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Idling_Rocket_Ship Idling_Rocket_Ship

"Am I adopted?"

"What time is it?"

"What's for dinner?"

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"Can I go outside and be raped by black people with knives in new york?"

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Your_Moms_Boyfriend Your_Moms_Boyfriend

"Hey, Mom and Dad, would you ever give me up for adoption?"


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