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Halloween: the anniversary of the death of James and Lily Potter, and the day there was a troll in the dungeon, amirite?

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Also Nearly Headless Nick's deathday!

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madib madib


Also Nearly Headless Nick's deathday!

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madib madib

And the day of Harry's conception.

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Inamorata Inamorata

In response to “And the day of Harry's conception.

Harry was a year old on Halloween.

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And the day Sirius Black broke into Gryffindor Tower and the day Harry was selected as the fourth Triwizard Champion.

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whisperedtouches whisperedtouches

Also the day that Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrived at Hogwarts. Just trying to remember shit that happened in the Harry Potter series on Halloween...

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “Also the day that Durmstrang and Beauxbatons...

How can it be the day the other schools arrived and the day the school champions were chosen?

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ginnypotter93 ginnypotter93 OP

In response to “How can it be the day the other schools...

that's true, they arrived a week before Halloween didn't they?

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In response to “that's true, they arrived a week before...

That would make more sense. I was confuzzled because this post and the post above it are contradictory. :)

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ginnypotter93 ginnypotter93 OP

Just thought you'd ought to know.

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Hairyleo Hairyleo

Also the day Martin Luther posted his 95 theses

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In response to “Also the day Martin Luther posted his 95 theses

50 points from Hufflepuff

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WolfeDeWary WolfeDeWary

the fourth triwizard champion

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In response to “the fourth triwizard champion

Already said

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