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You never put your ceiling fan on the fastest speed because you're afraid it will spin off the ceiling and chopped your head off. Amirite?

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It's especially freaky when you can see the fan wiggling because the speed that it's going at.

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sarataba sarataba


Haha my boyfriend was just saying my room was hot and when I turned my fan on high I thought of that! I was gonna post what yiu said...then I saw this :(

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Yeah something like that.

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SkylarOctavious SkylarOctavious

It's especially freaky when you can see the fan wiggling because the speed that it's going at.

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sarataba sarataba

This is probably the stupidest fear I've ever heard, it's even worse than that time I realized people were afraid of air.

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “This is probably the stupidest fear I've ever...

How is it stupid? The spinner things on my fan actually did that( I mean they didn't chop my head off) but they did fly off the fan and break my windiw

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In response to “How is it stupid? The spinner things on my...

Where did you buy that thing? That can't be safe to use in a house... people can sue for that kinda stuff. No manufacturer should sell a defective fan, it's dangerous. On that note, I thought this was stupid, because manufacturers don't make fans to kill people, so it should be safe at top speed, if you're not **** around

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “Where did you buy that thing? That can't be...

I guess it was just an old fan, it was there when we bought the hiuse

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In response to “I guess it was just an old fan, it was there...

You should have probably gotten an inspection before buying that... besides for the most part you should be able to use your logic to tell if it can stand to be spinning at top speed or not.

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KickAss KickAss

I don't own a ceiling fan.

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My friend told me something similar to that. She said, " I don't sleep with the fan on because then it could spin so it falls out from the ceiling and lands on top of me and kills me in my sleep."

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BetterThanEzra1119 BetterThanEzra1119

One time my friend had her fan on high and the glass orb over the light flew off and shattered. There are multiple ways to die if you have your fan on high.

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Once when I was little and my sister and I still shared a room, the petals on our ceiling fan fell off in the middle of the night and flew all over the room, slamming into the walls. We've both been scared to put our ceiling fans on high ever since.

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ginnypotter93 ginnypotter93

In response to “Once when I was little and my sister and I...

This is EXACTLY why I never put my fan on high.

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Music4life123 OP

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