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Africans have the best drinking games... Like 'the last one to find water dies,' amirite?

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I'm going to hell for laughing.

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DoctorWhat DoctorWhat


In response to “

For all you know we do actually play games like that and sikipedia took inspiration from it.

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deeviant deeviant OP

I'm going to hell for laughing.

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DoctorWhat DoctorWhat

This is **** hilarious.

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Shun Shun

Not all Africans live in poverty, and not all people who live in poverty. /Please/.

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In response to “Not all Africans live in poverty, and not all...

Really? I wouldnt know. What with LIVING IN AFRICA and all.

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deeviant deeviant OP

In response to “Really? I wouldnt know. What with LIVING IN...

I didn't know that until now. But that makes even more surprising for you to say something like that in your post. Generalisations are a pet peeve of mine.

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In response to “I didn't know that until now. But that makes...

Who the **** said anything about generalisations? Did I say "All africans live in poverty and die daily as a result of no water. amirite?"? No. I made a joke.

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deeviant deeviant OP

In response to “Who the **** said anything about...

I guess I just didn't find it funny. Never mind!

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In response to “Who the **** said anything about...

You did kind of make a generalisation by using the term 'Africans'. I do find this slightly funny but also living in Africa I must say I find these jokes are getting a bit old and lead people who do not live in Africa to believe we all live in poverty with lions of our doorsteps. Just wanted to add my opinion :)

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Treehugger Treehugger

In response to “I didn't know that until now. But that makes...

People with no sense of humor are a pet peeve of mine

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deeviant deeviant OP


You're disgusting.

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In response to “You're disgusting.

Thank you.

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deeviant deeviant OP

oh, wow, a dying african joke! good one!
you dont realize that jokes like this desensitizes us from the severity of the starvation/lack of clean water issue. when we hear about "starving kids in africa" we dont really think about it cause its become a joke. but if we took it more seriously, maybe more efforts would be made to do something about it? go ahead, say i have no sense of humor. youre not the one dying.

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In response to “oh, wow, a dying african joke! good one! you...

Dont I? Thanks for the insight into my own head.

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deeviant deeviant OP

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