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Maybe air is poisonous and it takes 80 years to kill us humans. amirite?

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This only makes sense if you have no semblance of how air is used by our bodies.

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soccerfan soccerfan


That does make sense, it's like oxidation.

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Maybe water is poisonous?

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DerpyHooves DerpyHooves

This only makes sense if you have no semblance of how air is used by our bodies.

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soccerfan soccerfan

In response to “Please be...

Also :D

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That would almost work except that if we don't breathe, we die.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

In response to “That would almost work except that if we...

That logic doesn't really work. Too much of a good thing, is too much of a good thing. Too much sunshine will burn you. We need water to survive but too much of that will kill you.

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In response to “That logic doesn't really work. Too much of a...

Any particular gas in too high a concentration would kill you but the only way that air as we know it would kill you is if you were forced to take in such a large quantity that your lungs exploded. Seeing as there have never been any reported cases, I'm gonna give this one to chocolatecakeisbad

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soccerfan soccerfan

he also could have gotten this form funnyjunk

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yesnomaybe yesnomaybe

some people live to be older than 80?

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In response to “some people live to be older than 80?

They are more immune to it.

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thatgirls thatgirls

good to know you read memebase

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I'm sure 100% of your posts aren't original either. Stop complaining 

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DDasia DDasia

But the average lifespan is 78.

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BetterThanEzra1119 BetterThanEzra1119

Oh Keanu...

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Sexy Sexy

Saw it on Memebase.

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Operator_X Operator_X

Oxygen in its elemental form is naturally corrosive and so might be harmful.
Although, the amount does not matter as much as the purity does. Pure O2 would not let you live for too long.
The oxygen used in hospitals is suitably mixed with other gases so that it does not harm the human body systems and at the same time provide pure healthy air.

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