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It’s annoying when people throw around certain phrases like they have no serious meaning. For example: “I have so much homework, I feel like committing suicide! “, “My dad is such a psycho!”, “It’s raining! I’m so depressed!” These are real issues; there is no need to be so dramatic, amirite?

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OR you could stop taking things so seriously all the time. I'm not saying they're not important issues but honestly people need to stop being overly sensitive.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915


This. This all the way. Times ten.

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Monopolygamy Monopolygamy

OR you could stop taking things so seriously all the time. I'm not saying they're not important issues but honestly people need to stop being overly sensitive.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915

"War on Christmas"

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I constantly exaggerate on the assumption that no one is over sensitive enough to complain about it.

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shorkian shorkian

At least one person will be offended at each thing someone says, so we might as well just not talk at all, right?

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GiggityGoo22 GiggityGoo22

One of my biggest pet peeves. No one seems to take mental illness seriously enough.

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sansa sansa

It's just exaggeration. People constantly say"Oh man, I'm starving" when they're really hungry. But, by your logic peoplshouldn't say that because starvation is a serious issue. Those are all serious issues, but there's no point making a fuss over a simple hyperbole.

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Clementines Clementines

In response to “It's just exaggeration. People constantly...

*people shouldn't

I'm sorry, the spacing in this is atrocious.

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Clementines Clementines

Like other people have stated before me, it's just exaggeration.
I do this too, whenever something happens in school that I don't like, I tend to say, "I'm going to go home and kill myself." It's just a way to express displeasure with exaggeration.
I agree that they are serious issues, especially suicide but a lot of people use them out of context. That's the way life is. Suck it up.

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Clay_ Clay_

The last one isn't always an exaggeration. If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (sad), rain can actually cause depression. It's kind of ironic since the post seems directed at being insensitive to depression and mental disorder issues.

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Wynaut Wynaut

In response to “The last one isn't always an exaggeration. If...

Yeah, but it's not the rain that causes it. It's the lack of sunlight that sets off people with SAD, like how the amount of sunlight during the day in the winter gets reduced. But it's gradual, too. So it's not like one day you feel like shit because it's cloudy.

But it's really not well-known so I understand how people could sound insensitive about SAD. :) I've had it for 5 years, and my dad for way longer. Just putting my 2 cents in, don't mind me.

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In response to “Yeah, but it's not the rain that causes it...

Well, I understand your point...but I have it too. I understand the whole sunlight thing, but when I was figuring out why I was sad during winter more often, it definitely was the days that had cloud cover specifically. I don' know, maybe I'm just weird in that respect, or it could have been coincidence. It's weird, I don't mind rainy days, but usually cloudy ones mess with me more.

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Wynaut Wynaut

In response to “Yeah, but it's not the rain that causes it...

I just noticed I put that rain caused it in my first comment. That was stupid of me. It's totally not the "cause." My bad XD.

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Wynaut Wynaut

It's just my opinion :') I'm sorry if I've offended anyone!

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CrackTheShutters CrackTheShutters OP

This game is sooo gay.

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In response to “This game is sooo gay.


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CrackTheShutters CrackTheShutters OP

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