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It's awkward when your'e running late, and the second you start thinking you just might be on time, the light turns red, amirite?

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That's not awkward; that's unfortunate.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs


Story of my life! Argh!

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JamesD JamesD

That's not awkward; that's unfortunate.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

That's not even awkward.
My god that phrase is spreading like cancer.

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Chuckonice Chuckonice

In response to “That's not even awkward. My god that phrase...

Cancer doesn't spread. Cancer is a malicious tumor, or mass of cells that multiplied quickly. If you're going to insult someone, do it right.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “Cancer doesn't spread. Cancer is a malicious...

Cancer spreads throughtout a body.

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AlmostAlwaysRight AlmostAlwaysRight

In response to “Cancer doesn't spread. Cancer is a malicious...

... I did do it right.

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Chuckonice Chuckonice

In response to “... I did do it right.

Derp. I mistook it as spreading between people. My fault.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

That isn't awkward at all

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Funnyplants Funnyplants

Thats too bad, but thats not awkward! my god, people use that term for every single situation nowadays

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its leik totes awks when sumthing a little bad happns

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I think that might be the worst use of the word awkward I've ever seen.

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steelerman113 steelerman113

That awkward moment when someone misuses the word 'awkward'.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

That awkward moment when something wasn't even awkward until someone says "the awkward moment when..." and then they make it awkward...

+11 Reply

goodtime goodtime

That awkward moment when the OP puts an apostraphe in the wrong place in the word "you're"

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EpicGymnast EpicGymnast

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