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Single-word band names are soon going to become a thing of the past, simply because there are too many bands and not enough words, amirite?

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I'd name my band "Avast" :)

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if SOPA or anything similar has its way there wont be any bands

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name name

In response to “if SOPA or anything similar has its way there...

This is the dumbest comment I've seen all week.

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Neighbor Neighbor

In response to “This is the dumbest comment I've seen all week.

You must see a lot of stupid comments then, because that was the dumbest comment I ever read.

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But there infinite words to be made, and a finite number of bands.

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In response to “But there infinite words to be made, and a...

Do you mean that I can just say "baltiflaminiggum" and then that automatically becomes a word? Or where does all these infinite words come from?

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NielsBrinch NielsBrinch

In response to “Do you mean that I can just say...

No, but it's always possible to make a new word. Like before Refrigerator was a thing, it wasn't a word. So if "baltiflaminggum" became something commonly used, it COULD become a word.

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In response to “No, but it's always possible to make a new...

But couldn't someone also come up with a new band? One person can even be in multiple bands just as they can make up multiple words...

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NielsBrinch NielsBrinch

I'd name my band "Avast" :)

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There are a LOT of words. I dont think bands ae going to run out of them, especially since only famous ones really "claim" them so others can't use them.

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2Infinity 2Infinity

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