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Guys: You've accidentally stapled your balls to your thigh at least once in your life, amirite?

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How would you accidentally do that?! Do you masturbate with a stapler..? O.o

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Happy Happy

In response to “WHY DID THEY SAY YES

PS the number is almost 696969

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Happy Happy

In response to “PS the number is almost 696969

Oh. Wow. I'm a fail.
I thought it said that it already was post #696969. I didn't see that it said, "almost."
Please forgive my stupidity.

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

No, cause I'm not a **** idiot.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

At first I thought it said "Girls:" so I was sort of disturbed by the number of people who agreed...

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

In response to “At first I thought it said "Girls:"...

Wouldn't you be disturbed regardless? Haha

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In response to “Wouldn't you be disturbed regardless? Haha

Well, maybe it's a guy thing...
But, it's more disturbing to realize that 12/27 girls that voted on this weren't actually girls... That's like having 10 girls in your gym class that are actually guys...

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

How would you accidentally do that?! Do you masturbate with a stapler..? O.o

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No, but I can't think of anyone with bad enough coordination to do that to themselves...

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Exploding_Chickens Exploding_Chickens

In response to “No, but I can't think of anyone with bad...

"Just gotta staple some papers and my english homework is all done! Almost got it...wait...oh no why are my pants falling down?! I gotta pull them back up! With the hand holding the stapler! Oh and now my underwear is gone too! I must fix this now! Ahhhhhh!! Why did I staple my balls?!! Why do I have such poor decision making skills!?"

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runnerdude runnerdude

In response to “"Just gotta staple some papers and my...

I feel like I laughed too hard at this.

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KirstenAnn KirstenAnn

In response to “"Just gotta staple some papers and my...

"Agh, dammit! Not again!"

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Ridge Ridge

In response to “"Just gotta staple some papers and my...

It's the drugs, man. Affecting the prefontal cortex in many an addict.

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Oh god, that's GOT to hurt.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

Haha what were 33 guys doing naked, with a stapler?

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GiggityGoo22 GiggityGoo22

This made me cringe

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Treldman Treldman

My balls are staple proof.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

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