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Things like "up high, down low, in the middle, too slow" and "made you look" were the original form of verbal trolling, amirite?

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"What's your name? What color is the sky? What is the opposite of down? HAHA YOU BLEW UP."

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shelbme shelbme


"What's your name? What color is the sky? What is the opposite of down? HAHA YOU BLEW UP."

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shelbme shelbme

"Spell I cup." "I cup?" "Just do it." "I-C-U-P." "Haha, you said I see you pee!"

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

In response to “"Spell I cup." "I cup?"...

When I first heard that back in Kindergarten I literally thought it was a new Apple Product.

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In response to “When I first heard that back in Kindergarten...

Really, wow. I don't even think I knew about Apple products in kindergarten.

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

"What's your name?" "What's this?" *points to nose* "What's in my hand? *opens hand, revealing nothing* "HARDEEHAR You know nothing!"

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"Do you want to play a game?" --Yes
"What is 2+2?" --4
"Where is New York located?" --America
"What do yellow and red make?" --Orange
"Is this game too easy?" --Yes
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" --To get to the other side
"What was the first question I asked you?" Was it, 'what is 2+2?'
"NOPE! It was, 'Do you want to play a game?' You lose." --*(frown)*

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"Hey, you want some fruit punch?" Sure.. "Well, you asked for it..." *punches person in stomach*

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"Hey, if your hand is smaller than your face then you're really dumb." No I'm not. "Oh yeah? Let's see." *Holds hand up in front of face* "*Smacks hand into face* Man, you must really be dumb. XD"

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"Hey, smell my hand. It smells like unicorns."
"No seriously, just smell it.."
*smacks hand into nose* "PWNED, ****!"

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"Answer yes or no: Is the next word you say going to be no?"
Only solution: Maybe... (troll)

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up high down low in the middle too slow

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