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You wonder if any celebrities use amirite, amirite?

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I was in the paper once

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colette colette


not really a celebrity, but this guy uses amirites as his material on twitter.!/miilkkk

and has like 500k followers

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In response to “not really a celebrity, but this guy uses...

He's also a total douchebag.

+11132 Reply

Ram27 Ram27

In response to “not really a celebrity, but this guy uses...

I just read like 5 tweets and that guy is plain awful

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SemiColin SemiColin

I was in the paper once

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colette colette

In response to “I was in the paper once

is this an inside joke or something? what's with all the loves?

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “is this an inside joke or something? what's...

I have no **** clue. I didn't even think it was that funny.

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colette colette

Well, we do have Anthony. I'm pretty sure he's some sort of ****.

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Garren_the_Dragon Garren_the_Dragon

Erm I was on an episode of Full House. Half credit?

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One time my brother shook hands with someone who met Regis Philbin. Does that count?

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

In response to “One time my brother shook hands with someone...

I don't remember your brother shaking hands with me..
And yes, celebritys do use amirite

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In response to “I don't remember your brother shaking hands...

You selled "celebrities" wrong...

+192011 Reply

Angry_Muffin Angry_Muffin

I indirectly kissed one of the popular girls during middle school. Does that count?

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Ram27 Ram27

In response to “I indirectly kissed one of the popular girls...

More information. How did you 'indirectly' kiss them. Drank from the same bottle or something?

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dan94 dan94

In response to “More information. How did you 'indirectly'...

Same straw.
She was like, "Hey Ram I got this drink and I don't like it whaddaya think?"
And she hands me the drink and so I took a sip.
Oh and this happened on the last day of school. Dunno why that's relevant, but....

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Ram27 Ram27

Since everyone else is, I feel I should add my two cents: My dad's old assistant's wife was on NCIS and CSI, that count?

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goodtime goodtime

My dads friends son was on the nickelodeon show All That.

I know it doesn't count, but I've always thought it was kind of cool.

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I'm me, does that count?

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Axolotl Axolotl

Well, God the Almighty uses amirite, so it's highly probable that a celebrity does.

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Treldman Treldman

I played softball with Obama's niece. I know that doesn't count. I just think it's cool.

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HappyAsASam HappyAsASam

I was on the news once.

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Deathelf Deathelf

My friend is Snoop Dogg's cousin, does that count? No? Okay...

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Sexy Sexy

My mom's hairdresser's exboyfriend is the guy who wrote that "why do ya fill me up? *fill me up* buttercup baby just to let me down?" song

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Squaffle Squaffle

In response to “My mom's hairdresser's exboyfriend is the guy...

The fact that you couldn't come up with The Foundations, or that it is BUILD me up buttercup, makes you lose all credit for that answer.

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My dads friends son hangs out with Skrillexs brother.

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In response to “My dads friends son hangs out with Skrillexs...

Those must be intense play dates if the band is practicing in the garage downstairs.

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islander islander OP

I once played ping-pong with the guitarist from the Fray. Does that count?

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Theres an account of Leonardo DiCaprio here, but im pretty sure it's fake.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

I sang for Jamie Foxx three years ago :D

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Nerris Nerris

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