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To [verb] the [animal] - Congratulations, you've just created a metaphor about ****! amirite?

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To kill a mockingbird

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PurpleZebra PurpleZebra


After running a crapload of verbs and animals in my head for much longer than I should have, I finally found one that doesn't quite fit: to lobotomize the three-toed sloth.

Although, now that I think about it...

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monstrosity monstrosity

In response to “After running a crapload of verbs and animals...

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who tried to find one that didn't work.

'To drown the naked mole rat? No.. spank the monkey? Damnit no, that's a known one, keep it together man!'

+40405 Reply

Suzywao Suzywao

To rape the ** isn't much of a **.

+9295320 Reply

kphan17 kphan17

To undermine the hornet?
To hydrolyse the spider?

+2323 Reply


To contemplate the cane toad.

+37372 Reply

Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

In response to “To contemplate the cane toad.

that one sounds extra kinky (hello)

+727217 Reply

DoctorWhat DoctorWhat

To stroke the rabbit. I had to facepalm myself for being such a cliche.

+19193 Reply

deeviant deeviant

To incarnate the whale shark.

+16161 Reply


To fear the spider?

+1818 Reply

cherryblaster cherryblaster

To reincarnate the butterfly. That was my attempt.

+14143 Reply


In response to “To reincarnate the butterfly. That was my attempt.

nice choice of words, especially "reincarnate" it's like the **** springs back into action after a dormant state

+231 Reply

TalkingRice TalkingRice

To intensify the heron?
To question the rainbow trout?
To point at the boxer?
To re-evaluate the ruby-throated warbler?
To be the field mouse?
To underestimate the leopard?
To manufacture the armadillo?
To determine the tyrannosaurus rex?
To convince the cicada?
To synchronize the bloodhound?
To exonerate the kangaroo?
To estimate the hare?
To apply the giraffe?
To derive the flying squirrel?
To think the crane?
To crinkle the banana slug?
To imply the vole?

+17174 Reply


In response to “To intensify the heron? To question the...

Question the rainbow trout? Something you want to tell us?

+45453 Reply

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “To intensify the heron? To question the...

To exonerate the kangaroo (hello)

+441 Reply

deeviant deeviant

In response to “To intensify the heron? To question the...

"To crinkle the banana slug" DEFINITELY works.

+77 Reply

shAvayourface shAvayourface

to rub the ****

+99100128 Reply


To kill a mockingbird

+155158352 Reply

PurpleZebra PurpleZebra

To buy the ant? I don't think so

+66 Reply

saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

To **** the police? Sounds accurate to me.

+111211 Reply

awesomesocks awesomesocks

In response to “To **** the police? Sounds accurate to me.

I don't think "police" would be considered animals in the biological form of the word.

+221 Reply

deeviant deeviant

In response to “I don't think "police" would be...

It doesn't matter. Pigs, police, same difference.

+4621 Reply

awesomesocks awesomesocks

to squeeze the caterpillar (hehe)

+31311 Reply

chiddybaang chiddybaang

To masturbate the ****? Hmm. Not seeing it.

-16117 Reply


To tame the squirrel!

+1212 Reply

Emperorerror Emperorerror

Brb guys.. I gotta go tickle the walrus and then suggest this as POTD.

+43436 Reply

StickCaveman StickCaveman

This could turn into a hell of a contest.

+1414 Reply


To eye the tiger.

+212217 Reply

Sarcasm_on_ice Sarcasm_on_ice

To downsize the reticulated python?

+33 Reply


to shave the whooly mammoth? hm. post of the day.

+55 Reply

adizzleshaw adizzleshaw

To exacerbate the ostrich? To nullify the flamingo? To repudiate the liger?

+331 Reply

liesliesalmondeyes liesliesalmondeyes

I thought "to hug the lion" before I read the rest of it, because I love lions.

Now it seems like I really love lions.

+121311 Reply

Runy Runy

time to patronize the old stegosaurus

+19193 Reply

lilobama lilobama

To imagine the pussy.

+15151 Reply

Fred_Weasley Fred_Weasley

To finger the pussy

+16162 Reply

Favvkes Favvkes

I had filled it in with "To **** the Bird" because it's the first thing that came to mind XD

+22 Reply


To shoot the hellhounds.

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The_Zombies The_Zombies

To fluff the garfield

+11 Reply

SgtSprite SgtSprite

To milk the cow.

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Lexxxiex3 Lexxxiex3

To love the squirrel. Hmm that doesn't work that well does it...

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fj95 fj95

To tame the shrew.

+11 Reply


To smack the b** isn't **.

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AlexCarlileThePillow AlexCarlileThePillow

To paint the panther.

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Gambiteer Gambiteer

To observe the amoeba.

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Cpt_McMuffin Cpt_McMuffin

In response to “To observe the amoeba.

Just thought of a better one: To catch the Pokemon.

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Cpt_McMuffin Cpt_McMuffin

I think some people don't know what animals are...

+11 Reply

BananasSmellBad BananasSmellBad

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