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You have met with and had **** with at least one user from here, amirite?

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This should be interesting...

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Chewbanshee Chewbanshee


This should be interesting...

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Chewbanshee Chewbanshee

How do you think i got my "Meet Your Maker" acheivement...

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TheShamWowGuy TheShamWowGuy

In response to “How do you think i got my "Meet Your...

More like "Meat your maker" amirite?

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In response to “How do you think i got my "Meet Your...

But you don't have it

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Predy Predy

I had **** with the person below me.

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

In response to “I had **** with the person below me.

Best thing to do with someone who's below you, amirite?

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Truuninja Truuninja

...that was a weird night.

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lt2010 lt2010

Yeah... But only because I told my girlfriend to get an account.

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pikabeau pikabeau

More like every user here (hello)

Just kidding. I'm not that easy.

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awesomesocks awesomesocks

That'd be awesome. I can think of 12 users off the top if my head that I'd totally do. That's only people I actively talk to or have spoken to recently, nevermind everyone I've talked to or seen on this site.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

Well duh, Anthony agreed, seeing as there have been POTD's in the past.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

Yeah, and he owes me a POTD.

+341 Reply

jraaey jraaey

In response to “Yeah, and he owes me a POTD.

That's nice.

-44 Reply

mchalla3 mchalla3

Hey I sucked his ** and let him give it to me in the ** but I still haven't gotten my POTD

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In response to “Soon.


0 Reply


In response to “orly?


Also, haven't you met Anthony? You should've voted YYA

-11 Reply

wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “Yup...

Nope haven't met him. Anyway it says "met with and had ** with" and I wouldn't have had ** with him even if I had met him.

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In response to “Nope haven't met him. Anyway it says "met...

Hmm I just assumed that when two incredibly hot admins meet they have ****

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “Hmm I just assumed that when two incredibly...

Haha, thanks for the compliment. I haven't been an admin for a while though, I haven't had time with university stuff. I'm still moderating though :)

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O em gee i totes met anthony and sucked his cawk and had **** wiff him, dats how i got my POTD

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I had **** with the person below me.

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In response to “I had **** with the person below me.

I had **** with the person above me

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