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If you want to survive in a horror movie- don't go off on your own, don't have **** with anybody, and don't be the black guy. amirite?

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And don't go everywhere shouting, "Who's there??"

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ThisBunnyFlies ThisBunnyFlies


And don't go everywhere shouting, "Who's there??"

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ThisBunnyFlies ThisBunnyFlies

And don't assume everyone is innocent. The most unlikely people could be the killer. Don't trust anybody, always watch over your shoulder

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BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare

In response to “And don't assume everyone is innocent. The...

And if the little kid makes a "new friend," you better kill that sucker.

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In response to “And don't assume everyone is innocent. The...

Yeah, it's usually a ghost or some shit.

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Witty_sob Witty_sob OP

And don't say "What could go wrong?".

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theasexualsloth theasexualsloth

And don't say "Very funny, guys." if you hear a strange noise.

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Sarcasm_on_ice Sarcasm_on_ice

And if the person you were with suddenly disappears, they aren't hiding or right around the corner, so don't look. Just run for your life.

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And don't be the blonde either.

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StacytheHarlot StacytheHarlot

In response to “And don't be the blonde either.

First thing I will do if I am in a horror movie: dye my hair black.

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Myrania Myrania

Carry around a gun or a metal pipe just in case

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goodtime goodtime

In response to “Carry around a gun or a metal pipe just in case

I always carry a metal pipe!

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Myrania Myrania

And don't shower.

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BetterThanEzra1119 BetterThanEzra1119

In response to “And don't shower.

Yes, monsters are scared of bad smells, they won't eat you if you smell like sewage ;)

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Myrania Myrania

Switch movie genres

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Well I think you guys would all survive in one, haha.

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Witty_sob Witty_sob OP

Don't take little baby steps and say in a timid, unsure voice, "Hello? Is anybody there?"

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Or just sleep with the director.

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In response to “Or just sleep with the director.

Haha, well that's a fun way to go about it.

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Witty_sob Witty_sob OP

I remember watching that movie "Prom Night" with Brittany Snow, and it was damn predictable with the exception of one major plot twist- the token horror movie black guy was the only one of her friends to survive. Didn't see that one coming.

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wishfulthinking wishfulthinking

In response to “I remember watching that movie "Prom...

I guess they had to throw a curve ball somewhere, haha.

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Witty_sob Witty_sob OP

I can't even use any of these tips because I'm black...

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MissAwesomeness MissAwesomeness

In response to “I can't even use any of these tips because...

Hey, in some of the newer horror movies, the black guy makes it :)

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Witty_sob Witty_sob OP

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