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If they start extra security at movie theaters how will all of us sneak in our snacks? amirite?

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I "YeahYouAre'd", but it was still a tragedy. =/

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I "YeahYouAre'd", but it was still a tragedy. =/

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Honesty we just need to have a mental test done with guns. He bought all of it legally. So had there been a test, most likely, he would not have passed.

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pointless pointless

In response to “Honesty we just need to have a mental test...

The guy had no criminal or mental history prior to this.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

In response to “Honesty we just need to have a mental test...

Exactly why it should be extremely difficult to get guns. I don't get why it's so hard to understand that guns are too dangerous to be so easily allowed to the general public.

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In response to “Honesty we just need to have a mental test...

Even if it was extremely difficult, there would still be underground ways for criminals to have guns; the general responsible public should at least be able to have one for self defence. (Not related to the cinema shooting, just gun ownership in general.)

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silvershadow6 silvershadow6

In response to “Honesty we just need to have a mental test...

Well, I messed up in my comment. I mean it should be extremely difficult to get stuff like rifles and shotguns, especially the automatic types. I mean like you have to go through a long court process to deem if it truly is necessary for you to own one of these, taking into account your environment and mental stability. As far as hand guns go, I'm still not a fan, but I can understand how some people may find them to be a necessity.

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Well..we could learn a few thungs from drug traffickers...

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Chewbanshee Chewbanshee

Dammit, James Holmes!

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GolfWang GolfWang

And we probably won't be able to movie hop anymore either. :(

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Deadpool Deadpool

America: where the first thought after a tragedy is food.

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In response to “America: where the first thought after a...
Pay close attention to the time stamps.

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MartellusBoss MartellusBoss

In response to “America: where the first thought after a...

Hey everyone
This was my post . Just a joke! What happened was surely sad and my regrets to the families and friends.

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nardclapper06 nardclapper06

In response to “America: where the first thought after a...

I know it was a joke, and a good one. I'm just saying :)

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Way too soon.

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pb55020 pb55020

In response to “Way too soon.

Nothing is too soon on the internet. Had 9/11 happened ten years later there would be jokes within minutes of the event.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

In response to “Way too soon.

That doesn't make it not too soon. I bet if you knew them personally or had a close friend that did, you would feel differently about the subject.

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pb55020 pb55020

Fucker thought he was the joker. The gun wasn't the problem.

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The extra security is completely unecessary, this country scares way too easily.

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yesnomaybe yesnomaybe

THAT ****! How could he ruin movie theaters for us?! THAT'S SACRED GROUND. IT'S LIKE ROBBING AN ORPHANAGE.

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I_Predict_A_Riot I_Predict_A_Riot

This one time my brother hid candy in his underwear because he thought that they would actually search you to make sure you didn't bring in food.

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Graverotti Graverotti

Under our shirts, duh!!

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Emyleigh Emyleigh

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