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When American's talk about football, they mean that silly game where fat men dress up as transformers, amirite?

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... All these people getting upset over this post. I'm just confused- since when do football players look like transformers?

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rowanne rowanne


You making fun of football?

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I ** hate snobs that make fun of American football just because they're butt-hurt that it gets more attention over here than soccer does. They're both great sports, now shut the ** up.

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tag tag

In response to “I **** hate snobs that make fun of American...

OP is from England.

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In response to “OP is from England.

I am aware.

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tag tag

In response to “I am aware.

Then why would she care that American football gets more attention in America than soccer?

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In response to “Then why would she care that American...

Because when people say football on the internet and what not, you don't know if they mean American football or soccer. What annoys me is when people act superior just because we call soccer by a different name.

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tag tag

Lol @ you calling American football players fat.

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justfuckmeup justfuckmeup

It should be called 'Pussy Rugby'. I know the rules aren't very similar to rugby, but they aren't very similar to football either.

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Emaphina Emaphina

In response to “It should be called 'Pussy Rugby'. I know the...

Not hating on rugby becuase I play it too but they are significantly less amount of big hits in rugby then there are in football. Just becuase rugby doesn't wear pads doesn't mean they are tougher too. Football players go out of their way to hit people as hard as they can but rugby players can't hit anyone unless they have the ball and a good rugby player will have gotten rid of the ball before the first defender can even hit him...

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... All these people getting upset over this post. I'm just confused- since when do football players look like transformers?

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rowanne rowanne

Why does everyone else hate American football? It's kind of awesome

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BurntToastCastle BurntToastCastle

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