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You hate it when you take a stab in the dark and accidentally kill a black person, amirite?

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I should probably stay out of your room at night then...

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Chewbanshee Chewbanshee


I should probably stay out of your room at night then...

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Chewbanshee Chewbanshee

I guess being so pale that I glow in the dark is good for one thing.

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Norma Norma

Same thing happens to me in Sand storms
Brown kid probs
Except the sand in my eyes is enough, even worse than the stabbing.

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Kashish Kashish

**We had a few technical errors - POTD is restored!

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In response to “**We had a few technical errors - POTD is...

Like anyone is gonna believe anonymous.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

So we've managed to have three different POTDs in one day. Okay.

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Anonwhale Anonwhale

In response to “So we've managed to have three different...

Oh wait, this was the one from earlier. I'm just confused.

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Anonwhale Anonwhale

This is reaaaaaal orginial. -_-

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In response to “This is reaaaaaal orginial. -_-

Darn it, my idea for an Amirite post has already been done somewhere. How dare I? (no)

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boxtop OP

I hate it when I try to pee my name into the snow and end up giving a golden shower to a white chick.

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TheRaftsman TheRaftsman

I'm all for humor, and have friends of different religions and races. We have no problem poking fun at ourselves and one another. Yet, I'm surprised this is POTD. Really?

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amiwhite amiwhite

In response to “I'm all for humor, and have friends of...

There's nothing really funny about this though (ono)

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deeviant deeviant

See guys this is funny because its about killing black people LOL

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