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It's annoying when feminist extremists say that women should be able to fight in wars. Seriously, when would they change their pads? The enemy could smell them from a mile away, amirite?

The girls' jimmies were rustled.

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StealthApple StealthApple

Is this actually what you think or is a joke? Oh please be a joke.

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Hectic_Glow Hectic_Glow

In response to “Is this actually what you think or is a joke?...

I'm pretty sure it's a joke

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DFletch DFletch

In response to “Is this actually what you think or is a joke?...

I'm a girl - the pad thing is a joke, and I find every single thing that everyone is freaking out about to be completely hilarious. :I

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RustledJimmies RustledJimmies OP


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mchalla3 mchalla3

I don't think front lines really exist anymore--the nature of war right now is that ANY line can turn into a frontline in a matter of moments. Women do indeed fight on the front lines, even I'd it's unintentionally.

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monstruosita monstruosita

I think if a woman was in the war, front line or not. The last thing she would worry about is her period... Plus I think the worst thing you can get from a bit of blood in your underpants is a yeast infection.. which probably wouldn't need as much attention as say, a gun shot would, or burns etc etc. I think women need to man up :P

PLUS! :P There's a contraception thing called the Implanon. It's known to stop periods for some women.

I'm sorry if I seem too serious, but I could only fight this post with logic.

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cazhaztoez cazhaztoez

In response to “I think if a woman was in the war, front line...

Stopping periods is also well-known for causing insanity. -_-

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RustledJimmies RustledJimmies OP

In response to “Stopping periods is also well-known for...

I don't feel insane O_o

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cazhaztoez cazhaztoez

you can't get a yeast infection from expelled menstrual discharge. and a woman can use birth control pills to stop the menstrual cycle from occurring. many althetic women , especially dancers have used this method since the birth control pill has been marketed in the 1960's.

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I keep imagining a group of enemy soldiers sniffing the air and going "some woman's on her period! I smell the blood! They're this way!"

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Axolotl Axolotl

In response to “I keep imagining a group of enemy soldiers...

that' s why bears attack women !! its true , they smell blood..and the rest is history , literally.

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