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You wonder how your ten-year-old self would react if they met you today, amirite?

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"Thought we made a deal to get a boyfriend by 18."

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monstruosita monstruosita


I'd like to think my ten year old self would think it's awesome that I do Thai boxing now. And he'd probably be stoked that I still play video games.

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My ten-year-old self would probably bite and claw at me for no apparent reason.

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My ten year old self would never be able to understand why I am the way I am now. I'm so different from then. I don't really like the person I was at that age.

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acisseJ acisseJ

She would be so disappointed....

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Plainme Plainme

In response to “She would be so disappointed....

Same...It's depressing

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tag tag

In response to “She would be so disappointed....

Want to start a club?

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Shammy Shammy OP

In response to “Want to start a club?

YES! lol I thought I was going to be alone in this :)

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Plainme Plainme

"Thought we made a deal to get a boyfriend by 18."

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monstruosita monstruosita

"What the hell happened to you?!"

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My ten-year-old self would say "What are those giant holes in your ears? Why did you cut your hair? It was supposed to be to your butt by now! Why don't you go to church anymore? Where's your boyfriend and tons of popular friends? Do you still like High School Musical and Hilary Duff?"

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Madie Madie

He would probably think I'm awesome for giving him all sorts of shit and teaching him how to play video games before they come out. I theory, it would also help me improve my own game. Same for sports, and I would also tell him what happens if he doesn't exercise. Once I tell him that, I'll probably drop 20lbs on the spot.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

Mine would be completely crestfallen. But I wouldn't be. Because I've got that wisdom stuff now, sort of... And I know that I've evolved for the better rather than keeping some of the same view.

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Mine would be very upsetting. "You went through depression? You've been shunned by daddy?"

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"Why don't you believe in god? Why are you a democrat? Why so serious? What's with the makeup? What's with the clothes? Why do you draw so well? What's with your taste in music? What's with the hair? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, OR RATHER ME?

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"...You're not as pretty as I hoped."

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

That was just 4 years ago... He'd be surprised at how much I changed. Wow.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

I think my 10 year old me would be very pleasantly surprised :)

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Myrania Myrania

A lot of these comments could be put together into a poem. I really like them. My ten year old self would be disappointed that I don't 100s on everything or act in plays anymore. She would like the fact that I sing and developed my writing, though. I think she'd liked my style of clothing; maybe not my hair and height, though.

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

I could be such a ** when I was ten, so I imagine she wouldn't make an exception of me, "Why aren't you in school? What is with those glasses - They make you look like a nerd! What is that crap you're listening to? Is that country music? I don't care who Taylor Swift is, it is country and you will stop listening to it or I will have your head! Ugh, what is WITH your brothers? Why are you still living in this crap town? Why aren't you back in Chicago or New York or Tokyo by now? Why aren't you fluent in Japanese yet? What are you watching? Why are you watching it? What the hell are you reading? God, is that a grown-up book? YA? I don't know what that means but it's not Harry Potter so burn it. Wait, how did the series end? What! Dobby DIES?! You're lying! Why would you tell me that?! You're mean, I don't like you! They do WHAT to Pokemon?! No, that's not fair! Take that back, you lying **! I'm gonna tell that you're lying and then - Oooh, is that a puppy? Can I have it? Please please please please PLEASE?! Dad let you get a pit bull? I thought he didn't - Oh who cares, she's adorable! Can I have her? Pleeeeeease?" For the record, I would NOT let her have my puppy.

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Irish_Wolff Irish_Wolff

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