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"Jim and Katie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. That's not all, that's not all. The baby's drinking alcohol." You can't believe you sang this as a child. The last stanza is horrendous, amirite?

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I always stopped at G. That was when I needed to start blocking punches.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d


As a kid I was told the last stanza was something to do with divorce but as a little kid everyone pretty much stopped at baby carriage.

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We sang "now their baby's drinking alcohol," because it isn't so choppy. I took it to mean that they grew old together and now their kid's all grown up.

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I always stopped at G. That was when I needed to start blocking punches.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

You're right, I can't believe it. I never did song that last stanza, and never knew it existed until right now.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

Yeah I didn't even know of the last stanzas existence

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TylerMayhemDurden TylerMayhemDurden

Not once have I ever said the last stanza...ever.

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Kaycee Kaycee

Yeah, I think I heard it incorrectly though. I may not have known what alcohol was at that age, and I thought it was just something about a hall. But i only heard that verse once or twice.

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Cocaia12912 Cocaia12912

The only version of the poem with an "additional stanza" I know is the one off of Cyanide and Happiness that ends with divorce and there is a miscarriage instead of the baby carriage..

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we always said now the baby's playing basketball. Lol.

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dance231 dance231

In response to “we always said now the baby's playing...

We said "now the baby's eating a basketball" which was even more insulting, because it implied that their kid was dumb.

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BetterThanEzra1119 BetterThanEzra1119

We always said "daddy's drinking alcohol"....not much better, but we really didn't know what it meant lol

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Kiriopolis Kiriopolis

Lol at my school we weren't allowed to sing that in front of our teachers

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Kristi2140 Kristi2140

I didn't even know the last Stanza existed.

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BradarB BradarB

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