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If you're boyfriend will skip the stanley cup playoffs, turn off the olympic game of Canada Vs USA, just to come to your house because you need him and your crying, and he'll come over when its snowing outside, and he has to walk a mile, you've truly found love. amirite?

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your* boyfriend, you're* crying, it's* snowing

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wickedawesomechick wickedawesomechick


your* boyfriend, you're* crying, it's* snowing

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wickedawesomechick wickedawesomechick

In response to “your* boyfriend, you're* crying, it's* snowing

Thanks for that, my fellow grammar Nazi. :D

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TheWeasel TheWeasel

In response to “your* boyfriend, you're* crying, it's* snowing

Yeah, we were all thinking it.

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Truuninja Truuninja

Either that or he's just REALLY ****.

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In response to “Either that or he's just REALLY ****.

I was thinking the same thing.

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ashleyeatsflesh ashleyeatsflesh

Why would you make him do that?

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notlinkin notlinkin

If you are seriously asking a website if you have found love, I'm going to have to say you're too naive to know what love is because if you were in love you'd know it.

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Haha you must be Canadian :P

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In response to “Haha you must be Canadian :P

You're probably right. I don't even know any other Americans who even watched that game. Hockey's really not our thing.

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TheWeasel TheWeasel

My boyfriend is a major Flyers fan. He took me to the game where they won 6-0 over the Canadiens.

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violabeatle violabeatle

I'd be watching watching the hockey with him not crying my eyes out in the middle of "White Jaun".

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