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Thinking about this for a while now. I guess, because everyone is different, you cannot truly have equal representation without full participation. However with fair elections you can approximate fair representation.

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VicZinc VicZinc

In response to “Thinking about this for a while now. I...

We could get pretty close to equal representation but someone's always going to complain a about swearing or not swearing on the bible in court, god being or not being on our money and in our pledge, prayer in schools, etc.

Besides religion, there are many issues such as gun control. "what do you need anything besides a hunting rifle or maybe a hand gun for?" Response is "it's my freedom and right to own any fire arm" well freedom doesn't equal the best way of doing things. But it's still a freedom people will not let go of without a fight.

Then there are gay rights issues. Just because so many people are dead set on a narrow definition of marriage, or they are afraid of the gay man next door somehow "turning" their child gay, they insist on having anti gay laws permeate the system like that's going to make all the gay peoples disappear just because they can't be married.

But i'm ranting...let's just live and let die already...

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Kumquat Kumquat OP

I think it actually goes beyond that. The whole concept of equal representation is ludicrous. Yes because of the religious and non religious, yes because of race, though more than anything else the simple line between the powerful, and the servant class. Don't get me wrong Middle Class is a servant class in itself. How can a servant class ever truly be represented by the elite? They can not. In many cases "representation" is nothing more than code for "proficiently controlling". Though at the same time that is why "Rights" are so important. It's not so much what the majority of the population can do. It's what the "controllers in power" are officially banned from controlling..

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In response to “I think it actually goes beyond that. The...

You're right i just mentioned the religious/non religious divide in my post because it was what was on my mind. Main point is you can't always have equal representation. Many things either go one way or the other and people can't seem to live with an outcome these days with complaining and raving and suing because it didn't go their way. I mean, sometimes it can be called for but a lot of times it's not.

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Kumquat Kumquat OP

No one who lives in a society has total freedom.

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Chris_PHAET_Demon Chris_PHAET_Demon

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